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The Kindling

The kindling, also known as the rekindling, kindling festival, or nights of lights, is an Agmāri two-weeks long celebration that takes place in between two years. It's a national holiday during which most people stop working.   During these eight days, people partake in activities, either at home or in public, and during these nights, they all gather in public places, keeping the lights on (candles, flux fires, fireflies, etc.), as they enjoy their company, sing, dance, eat, and drink.


The old Agmāri calendar wasn't based on the seasons, sun, or the moon, instead arbitrarily divided into three months of thirty days, leading to a 90-days year. During this time, there already was a proto-kindling celebration, taking place for a night at the end of every month.   After the last Great Tremor, the Agmāri government and academics decided to rework the entire calendar, leading to the current version, following the seasons, and divided in 9 months of 32 or 36 days. This new organisation left 8 unmonthed days, which led to the creation of the Kindling, now taking place in the summer solstice.


Every year being associated with one of the three Triad Gods, the deities being celebrated in each week is different and varies from year to year.  

First Week

The first week celebrates the end of the year and its associated deity. Every town gather to build effigies of the current deity, materials depending on availability.


Second Week

The second week celebrates the new year to come and its associated deity. After the celebrations, people work together to clean up the mess from the Night of Kindling, and plan out the year to come.

The Night of Kindling

It's the night between the last day of the first week and the first day of the second week, and is the celebration of the New Year. During this night, the effigies that have been built throughout the past week are burnt, and flux fireworks are lit up in the sky. Songs are sung and dances are danced, as this is a night when people celebrate being alive, thanking the gods for the years.

Other Activities

Everyone is encourage to partake in activities that celebrate the gods, throughout the two weeks, whever it be in the privacy of one's home, or public gatherings. The most important is to celebrate the gods through your actions, thanking them for the past year, and asking their blessing for the year to come.  


  • Helping others with their problems (fixing furnitures, cooking, gifting something needed, etc).
  • Standing up for someone, helping someone without expecting anything in return.
  • Doing something you've always wanted to do, or helping someone accomplish this goal.
  • Just being nice and polite in general.
  • Elzidiur

  • Friendly sparing, usually unarmed or with wooden sticks/gladius. Tournaments are organised in public places, winners gaining respect and honor.
  • Partaking in your passion, or sharing your passion with others.
  • Taking care of your body, whever it be physical exercise or spa time.
  • Spending quality time with your friends and family.
  • Jovol

  • Writings and readings of poetry, as well as teaching the basics of it to neophytes.
  • Learning something new, or teaching something to others.
  • Mediating relational problems.

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