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Mahar is a pre-modern fantasy world where magic (also known as the flux) lives side-by side with science, though the flux has taken over most of the world, granting its inhabitants with comfort and ease of life!

Meet the dreqs of the West, from the Anissian Empire, whose wars have broken up their ancient nation into three countries.

Meet the humans of the East, from the nation of Agmār, ancient leaders of Conquests and of the Flux Revolution.

Meet all the other inhabitants of this half-a-planet, from the dreq alchemists of the Misty Lands, to the aquatic hybrids of the Manifold Lands.

Mysteries to behold! What of this flux barrier that blocks half of the planet off from its inhabitant? What is beyond? What of the lost city of Dysgalla? What was the Great Tremor? What is this "Stampken" we hear whispers of?
  First created for casual tabletop rpg with my friends, it grew and grew way beyond my expectations, and I now have comic projects set in this universe.   I'm a visual artist, not a writer, so these pages won't have high prose.   Theme used: Zen Yada Yada, by Oneriwien
Edited by Arthur Jaffre for Mahar