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Ruby Dagger

Ruby Mage!? What does she do? Ruby necklaces?

Ruby Daggers were magical weapons used by prehistoric Asian and African warriors. The exact reason for their disappearance is unknown. It is said that each ruby dagger had a magical bond with a warrior who wielded it. The bond made them better warriors and protected the daggers. Any person, other than the bonded warrior, who touched a ruby dagger was pushed away by it. Because of the need for a bond, it is said that only magic-users were using them.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

A ruby dagger bonded with a warrior acted as a booster of the warrior's abilities. It increased their strength as well as allowed them to channel magic through the dagger. Magical energy which went through a ruby dagger was amplified and concentrated. It is said that it was possible to instantly kill a person with it, but there is no way of proving the theory.

Manufacturing process

Every warrior had to make his own dagger. The blade was formed in an arrowhead shape with a thin top and becoming wider as it went down. The hilt was made from the same piece of crystal, but was thinner and round ending in a small pommel. To make it more comfortable to hold, it was covered with leather. When the dagger was ready the warrior created a bond with it using magic.

Item type
Weapon, Melee
Currently, there isn't any known ruby dagger. It said that they were common in the past.
0.5 kg
20 cm (length)
Raw materials & Components
A ruby crystal (medium size)
A piece of leather

Ruby - a magic crystal

It is said that rubies, sapphires, diamonds and other gemstones are conduits of magical energy. Any such energy which goes through one of these gemstones is amplified. Some people theorize that these gemstones are made completely out of magic.

Ruby dagger
what a dumb name
but it would be cool to have it

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