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Family Spellbook

Every magic family in the world has a spellbook which contains the most important and useful spells. The book is always inherited by the oldest son. When there is no son, a daughter can inherit the book and if there are no children a sibling can inherit. It must be inherited by the closest blood relative of the last owner. If that relative is a child then a parent is taking care of the book until the child reaches adulthood.


Most families enchant their spellbooks so people from outside the family can't open it. Those enchantments differ from family to family. In some families only people from the bloodline can open, meaning that spouses, adopted children and stepchildren can't use the book. Other family use enchanted lists, which have names of every family member who can use the book.

Creating a new book

Sometimes people want to have their own Family Spellbook. In most cases, it happens with younger children who didn't inherit the book and want to become more independant. Creating such a book is easy. One must aquire a book with blank pages and start filling it.

Creating a new book is often seen as an act of separation from the family. Because of that the decision to do so is never taken lightly.

Item type
Book / Document
40 cm x 32 cm


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