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Madbury “There’s something about this place”

Early 1960's

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Welcome to Madbury!   A small, mid-twentieth century New England town in the Seacoast Region of New Hampshire, Madbury might appear to the casual tourist as a typical college town cum artists’ colony, with its quaint village center surrounding the colonial-era common, its fishing wharf on the shore of Little Bay, and its rolling, tree-covered countryside dotted with small farms.   High on College Hill sits the well-kept campus of Litchmoor University, prideful of its toffee-nosed faculty and their silk-stocking disciples. And on the east side of town, atop Garrison Hill, rises Coffinhurst, the stately home of the Coffin family, patrician descendants of the town's founder, who throughout its history have been both responsible for, and dependent upon, Madbury's prosperity.   But beneath the gossamer-thin veneer of efficient Yankee tranquility lurk many dark and malevolent forces which have for centuries disturbed the minds, threatened the lives, and indeed menaced the very souls, of Madbury’s honest, upright, and hard-working residents. And occasionally, those seething energies of the unknowable insinuate their way through the shadowy barrier that divides the real from the imagined, and manifest themselves in a physical way.   That’s when the fun begins…