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This is where all information is kept by the Oodar na Skale. This is so the Nefolion could keep the truth that the Dynol have been taken for granted. Shelves have lined the library, from the time that the Meltdown had happened until the present. The only Information that is put in here is pure unfiltered, information. This is the only place that the information is found so pure. Deaths, Births, Disease, Weather and even the Talamhiseal reside in, the information is here.


It is made of a dead volcano that they had drained and moved the pressure to another mountain. It is decorated with the sky on the ceiling with the position of the moons and what phase it is in at the certain time.


After the Meltdown and at the invention of the Cuemnehe, The Nefolion started planning a place that can hold all the information that they have recorded. They decided that the best place for the orbs would be the place that they made them. So they drained the Volcano and sealed the vent after venting at the Gabha. They then started to make shelving for each of the years and organize the Cuemnehe by years. They get one shelf built each year by the Machairi by the full moons of the last month.
Owning Organization

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