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Tieflings are the result of mortals interacting with demons or devils in large or prolonged agreements. The power devils and demons old corrupts and poisons mortals. While the mortals willing pay the price listed in the contract for the aid of the Hellfolk the mortals are not always aware of the effect these deals have on their soul. Parts of a morals soul are destroyed during these contracts and deals until there is nothing left. If someone makes a large enough deal or makes too many small deals the mortal will have no soul left. When this happens and then they give birth the child with have hellish characteristics. Their skin is leathery blue, black, or purple. Some have horns and tails, while others grow claws or fangs. Regardless of the mutations, it is clear that this child has been touched by the Hellfolk. Should a Tiefling have a child it is certain that this infernal bloodline will continue. It is possible to end this curse, however. If the Tiefling has children with someone who still has their soul intact the child will look a little less like a Tiefling and a little more like a mortal. This prosses takes generations to work out completely though.   

Opinion of Tieflings

Every culture has its own thoughts and views on Tieflings but they all view them with caution.  

High Church

  Tieflings those who have been tempted by Mayim to embrace her completely. While most mortals seek to never see Mayim or her realm; the Tieflings have run with open arms towards her. Harming a Tieflings or their family is considered very bad luck. While members of the church do not like Tieflings and would prefer to keep them far away if possible they understand that these creatures, for whatever reason, have the personal attention of Mayim's servents. This protection gives Tieflings allowance to come and go from holy places without issue and they can even rely on the church to physically defend them if assaulted. This does not give Tieflings the right to enter places in a church that are restricted or otherwise forbidden.  

Great Pantheon

  Each god of the pantheon has its own views of the world and that extends to Tieflings as well. Most of the gods teach that the fault of their condition does not lie with them but rather their ancestors and Mayim. The pantheon encourages the reforming of these lost souls in hopes that one day they may be granted a soul and be able to enter the heavens.  

Spirt and Ancestor Worship

  Those who look to sports and their ancestors are made quite uncounterable by Tieflings. Tieflings are believed to have evil ancestors who traded the soul of their descendants for power. These self-centered and power-hungry ancestors are viewed as dangerous. Many believe that they still instruct or guide their Tiefling descendants towards completing work that was left unfinished or tempting them into making deals for themselves.  

Sun and Moon

  Tieflings are pitted by the followers of the sun and moon. They see the Tiefling condition as a tragedy. An ancestor of the Tiefling was so desperate or in such extreme danger that they had no choice but to sacrifice their soul and the soul of their descendants. The followers view this as the ultimate sacrifice and one that should never be done. In the mythos of the sun and moon, it is said that these contracts or agreements cannot be made under the attack of the sun but only under the watchful eye of the moon.

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

100 - 150 years depending on the race of parents
Average Height
5 - 6 feet
Average Weight
250 - 300 lbs


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