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Merfolk are native to the waters of Lumenos. The Saltwater Merfolk living in the sea and the Freshwater Merfolk living in the rivers and lakes. All Merfolk live till around 200 years and are considered adults around 15 years. They stand around 5ft. and their weight is around 150-160 lbs.  

Saltwater Merfolk

Saltwater Merfolk are crafters, miners, and artisans. They have built their cities across the oceans. There are four major cities for the Saltwater Merfolk. Each city is built to be a grand display of wealth and power. The whole city is encased in a glass or magic bubble to allow air to be kept underwater. The buildings are made of stone, metal, and sometimes gems. The more expensive the material the more powerful the owner. The rich build their homes above ground while the poor build Originallydefenseapprenticed  

Freshwater Merfolk

Freshwater Merfolk are the farmers, ranchers, and producers of raw resources for the Merfolk communities. Due to the high salt concentration food produced in the Salt cities does not taste as good as food produced in freshwater. Consequently, the Freshwater Merfolk produce the food and other agricultural products needed for the Salt cities. Since farming requires so much space and rivers or lakes are only so big the Freshwater Merfolk live in scattered villages and towns, most not exceeded one hundred people. This has lead to the Freshwater Merfolk making good friends with the local wildlife and if needed can call upon them for aid.

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

Average Height
4.5 - 5.5 feet
Average Weight
150 - 160 lbs.
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