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Lormism is a religion practiced by the people of Lorm.


There is one leader (whoever has pledged themselves to the gods for the longest time) whose job it is to make sure all Lormists follow the calendar and worship the proper gods.

Public Agenda

Lormists simply want people to do right by the gods and treat each other equally.


Lormism started out as a bunch of scattered ideas of gods used to motivate people to help in society. Over the years, it evolved in many ways.

Mythology & Lore

In the beginning, there was nothing. Nothing but Beyter, who had slept through the last reality and would sleep through the next one, our current one, until he would wake up at the end of it and start another reality. As it would go on, for the rest of time. History will always begin anew. Your life means nothing in the grand scheme of the universe. From Beyter’s body, three beings rose. The first was Fasha, the goddess of birth. The second was Bils, the god of life. And the third to rise from Beyter’s body was Cur, the god of death. Together, the three siblings turned their father’s body into a habitable world, splitting it into three realms they could go back and forth between. Fasha created Lormos, a world where only the highest of beings could dwell, a home for gods. Bils believed that all beings were created equal, and created a wide variety of different creatures to dwell in his land, which he called Luc. Among these species were the humans, who, although Bils wished for equality between all life, would soon find that they were destined for greatness, far above the other animals Bils created. Meanwhile, Cur was lazy, and could not be bothered creating a realm and life of his own. He only created three beings, not to inhabit his world, but to take from his brother’s realm. These three demons, known as Tomor, traveled to Luc and kidnapped the souls of the different living creatures Bils had created. Cur built his kingdom with the souls from Luc as his subjects. Despite Cur’s devious tricks, Bils accepted it, as he believed that all things must leave the world at some point. After these worlds had been created, the three creators came together to build a door between the realms, but knowing that it would cause chaos if people were to travel at will, they created a goddess called Cama and a serpent called Moshi, who protected the doors and only gave access to the four of them and the Tomor. After this, Fasha started creating gods to inhabit the world of Lormos. Her first creation was Kaitor, the god of the sky. His job was to rule over all the other gods. She created Wimeia, goddess of the earth. Wimeia and Kaitor married soon after they were created, and became king and queen.

Divine Origins

The religion developed over many years in the country of Lorm.

Tenets of Faith

Lormists are strong believers in the premise of "what goes around comes around". They believe that whatever you do to people in your life will be done to you in return in the afterlife. If you set someone on fire, you will be set on fire. If you give someone a sandwich, you will be given a sandwich.


Anything which leads to the suffering of others is a sin. This is according to the opinion of the one who suffers, not the one who does the action.   Anything which leads to the benefit of others is a pious act. This is according to the opinion of the one who benefits, not the one who does the action.


There are 29 different festivals held throughout the year to celebrate each god. They each last thirteen days, except for the Festival of Biga, which lasts one day at the very end of the year.   You can still pray to gods if its not their festival at the time. They look in favour upon those who they are sworn to protect (e.g. sailors pray to Kosudha, who protects them from storms on sea). Prayers differ depending on the god.


Many people choose to pledge their lives to the Lormist gods. There is no ritual for this, you just apply and are appointed immediately.   The leader of the Lormists is decided by their devotion. Whoever has served the longest will be made leader when the old leader dies.

Granted Divine Powers

The only human known to get powers from the gods is Dino, the first human and a folk hero for the Lormists. He was made a god for his exploits.

Political Influence & Intrigue

The central church tries not to interfere with the affairs of the government. Most members of Lormist government are indeed religious, as there are two gods who protect kings and queens.

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