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Kosudha is the Lormist god of sailing, exploration, navigation and travel.

Divine Domains

Sailing, Navigation, Exploration, Travel

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A frigate, an albatross


The Festival of Kosudha goes from the 27th of Pame to the 12th of Bäme.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

To help humans discover the vast world that was created for them. He protects sailors and travellers.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

When Lormism was still a small and uncommon religion, they lived more inland. Sailing was a foreign concept to them, and so Kosudha started off as more of a river god, leading humans to water and fish. Only when the Lormists migrated to the shore and discovered how to travel by ship did Kosudha really become an important god.

Divine Classification

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