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Butakh is the Lormist god of fire, storms and lightning.

Divine Domains

Fire, Storms, Lightning

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A bolt of lightning, a blazing fire.

Tenets of Faith

Do not let the fire of your home or your village go out at any time. If you do, your entire house will catch ablaze.


The Festival of Butakh is the 25th festival in the Lormist year, and runs from the 5th of Pambäme to the 17th of Pambäme.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Butakh was created by Cur for the sole purpose of wreaking havoc to Lormos and Luc. He burnt down what is now known as Butakh's Woods, and then tried to climb up to Lormos, but was stopped by Dino, who figured out how to stoke the fires left by Butakh and used that knowledge to stoke Butakh's anger. After Butakh was cured of the unforgiving wrath Cur placed onto him, Butakh joined the gods of Lormos as a protector of humankind.

Divine Classification

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