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Festival of Butakh

Festival of Butakh is a festival celebrated by the religion of Lormism to celebrate the god Butakh, god of fire, storms and lightning.


On the first day of the festival, a bonfire is lit in the center of the village, and smaller fires are lit within the hearth of every home. If any of the fires go out during the festival, you have been granted bad luck by Butakh. All food eaten during this festival must be cooked over a fire, or it will poison you and you'll get sick and die.   People put copper on the top of their houses so that lightning will strike it. The houses are made from insulating materials, so houses don't burn down, but getting hit by lightning is a blessing by Butakh.


The festival happens every year from the 5th of Pambäme to the 17th of Pambäme according to the Grigoan Calendar. It is the 25th festival of the Lorm year.

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