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Grigoan Calendar

The Grigoan Calendar is the calendar used in most of the world, created eponymously by the Panïka scientist, Grigo the Astrologer.


The calendar is used to track how seasons and moons pass by. It divides the year into 13 months which last for 28 days each, with one day right at the end (called the Bösa) to celebrate the new year. The months are as follows. Pame, Bäme, Teme, Dëme, Sime, Zïme, Kome, Göme, Fume, Pamvüme, Pampame, Pambäme and Panteme.

Grigo the Astrologer created the calendar.
Access & Availability
This calendar is used almost worldwide, except for isolated cultures and the Lormists, who still count days via their religious festivals.
Grigo had studied the patterns of the stars and sun and how they moved across the sky across 365 days in the year 40 ET.

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