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Grigo the Astrologer

Grigo (a.k.a. the Astrologer)

Grigo the Astrologer was a scientist from Panïka, notable for eponymously creating the Grigoan Calendar.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Grigo was born in 10 BET in the city of Deon. Due to the tyranny of Këso the Maniac, Grigo's parents went to a secluded area in the mountains so they could live in peace. He stayed there for 50 years, not realising that Këso had been killed in the Battle of the Maniac and replaced by Sörel the Stategist. While his parents died from old age, Grigo studied the pattern of the stars, as that was all he had to look at in the middle of nowhere. He realised that there was a 365-day cycle, which he built a calendar around. Namely, the Grigoan Calendar. When he found out that Panïka had been ruled by a benevolent leader for almost 50 years, he returned to Deon.


Grigo's parents, both scholars in Panïka, were well-educated and passed on that knowledge to their son while they were in seclusion.

Lawful Neutral
Current Location
10 BET 55 ET 65 years old
Current Residence

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