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Emerald Tower

The Emerald Tower is a tower located in Deon. Its construction marks the year 0 in the the Grigoan Calendar.

Purpose / Function

To commemorate either the conquering of Shesta or the Coronation of Sörel, according to different historians.


The emerald that tops the obelisk is enchanted (naturally, of course, as the people of Panïka don't trust artificial magic) with a Spell of Vitality to represent the everlasting glory of Panïka, so it doesn't deteriorate.


The Emerald Tower is actually an obelisk. It is made of stone, and at the top is encrusted an enchanted emerald. On it, in Panïsya, is written: "Änya fyonsofi", which translates to "May our glory last forever".


The Emerald Tower was built in the year 0 ET.

Monument, Large
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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