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Recommended reading for players

Any player should familiarise themselves with a few things to have a grasp on the world of Lost Waves.  

The Area

The area central to the story at this point is the Sa'ar Desert, and particular the Sh'areen Caliphate that controls almost every part of said desert. The Caliphate is divided into principalities - areas controlled by the most influential noble families. Each such principality's capital houses an Oasis Stone which brings about the possibility of building a proper city in the desert.  
In the Caliphate, refined culture hides deadly treachery, dry rocks cover rivers of fortune, and beauty is the most dangerous of all. The climate is hostile in most of the area, but around every oasis or another way a settlement can be maintained, there is the hustle and bustle. Where people live, the scents and sounds are incredible, and even the sand-coloured buildings are often painted. The beauty can be quite captivating to an outsider. Of course, I caution all visitors that the people of the Caliphate can be as deadly as the climate in which they live, should you not be careful.
Arnid Fogdrift - "A Guide to the South"
  For the most part, the Sa'ar is a rocky desert, filled with canyons and cliffs, not a sand desert. There are areas with more sand, the result of thousands of years of erosion, but for the most part, imagine dry and cracked rock rather than dunes.  

The Caliphate of the Sun god

The Caliphate as a whole is led by Caliph Ja'har-il-neem, a Celestial summoned by a group of mystical practicioners known as the Divine Guides. The Caliph is, presumably, a direct conduit for the Sun God Amaunator, but the Church of Amaunator isn't technically in any special form of power. However, in practice, the church is the most infulential religious institution in the Caliphate.   Along with the Caliph, the Caliphate is ruled by the Sh'areen Senate, but which primarily creates laws and directives based on balancing the wishes of the Caliph and the wishes of the nobles. Speaking of the nobility, it is extremely powerful. The leaders of the High Noble families are known as Qel'taths, and often wield almost as much power as the central government within their principalities, which frequently leads to power-struggles.   The society within the Caliphate is often heavily stratified between classes, but for the most part, the lower classes are treated with respect as long as they know their place. Which may or may not be a pleasant place.   The central capital of the Caliphate is Solaris, an immense city situated on a Magic Nexus in the middle of the desert. It has many large teleportation harbours that allow it to trade all over the world and becoming ludicrously wealthy.


For the most part, life in the caliphate is shaped by the Sh'reen culture, with some added ideas about social order that should be kept intact. This means it's relevant to most to read up on that culture, even if their character is more at home somewhere else. Only those who are part of the upper echelons of Solaris might keep track of silly fads such as the chopork.   Two major ethnic groups are distinct from the main culture of the Caliphate. The Fah'Rah are often considered barbaric as they seek out a life free from so-called 'civilised' ideas. They are nomadic hunters, and sometimes raiders, who believe in strength as a guiding principle. On the other end are the Windswept people who don't shun civilisation, but still try to live away from it and in a symbiotic relationship with the harsh realities of nature. To them, nature gives, and nature takes.   For some races, culture might vary slightly, such as for gnomes, dwarves, elves, dragonborn, and el'isarn.

House Seelon

One of the major High Noble families, House Seelon are currently led by Qel'tath Anhara Seelon. The capital of Seelon Principality is the ancient city of Jolethai which has waxed and waned in size an power over the years. At the moment, House Seelon is enjoying a slight upswing in power during an otherwise unimpressive period in the family's history.   Anhara Seelon doesn't have a legitimate heir as her only child is with a member of her harem. The heir apparent is her nephew, Ahneid Seelon, and it's a poorly hidden secret that the two consider the other a threat to the future of the house.  


The city of Jolethai has a long and complicated history. The outskirts of it consist of farms living off of the water generated by the Oasis Stone, intermingled with many ruins of ages past. Some of these ancient structures are a mystery as thir meaning has faded with the centuries.   The city walls that are currently standing are tall stone structures, evened out with clay covering. The streets vary from stone along the more significant paths made to allow for wagons, to dry dirt in the many alleyways, to mud near the water. The Jewel Palace stands at the centre of the city and the water springs to the surface around it. Most of the water is led towards the east where it forms a muddy marsh to the city walls where it is directed through tunnels to the other side to provide for the farms. There are a couple of other small rivers that have formed and that snake off to the north and south.  

Jewel Palace

Home of House Seelon, headquarters for the administration of both the city and Seelon Principality, headquarters of the House Seelon Guard, and reception for any important guests. The palace is large, but this is still a lot for one building to handle and the Jewel Palace Household is a very busy organization, from providing food for everyone to providing pleasure for the most important members of the family.

Important members of the Jewel Palace Household

Important members of the city



The most common race by far, are humans. But plenty of elves, dwarves, halflings, and some gnomes can be found almost anywhere within the Caliphate. More unusual ones such as tieflings and dragonborn are mostly found in cities such as Jolethai, but they can certainly be found in smaller numbers in other locations.   Have a look at the list of Playable Races.  



Life and background

Growing up in the Sh'areen Caliphate means you were celebrated through Ascending soon after birth. Growing up, you might have learned the basics of a profession or completed the core of your studies. Once you have shown that you can handle adult tasks, you go through Graduation and is considered an adult. You might find someone you want to live with and have a Wedding. Some have more than one partner, especially in the upper classes. Seeking Divorce is rare and somewhat stigmatised, but perfectly legal for any part to seek. Once life comes to an end, a Funeral is usually held for the dead, with the body treated differently depending on the wishes of the deceased, their family, and the way the person died.
10 Months and Extra Holidays


Illicit groups
The Dust
Religious Sects and Groups
Peoples of the Wild
Windswept Tribe


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