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World under revision! This world was originally written purely as a Dugeons and DragonsĀ® setting. It is (slowly) being rewritten to be system agnostic When things don't seem to work togewther, this is likely why.


One of the five Celestial Gods that watch over the world. They are a sphere of falem, heat, and light that brings day across the world. During the Dawn War, as the Eidolons sacrificed themselves, so did the Golden One in a way. Before, they were said to walk the ground as well as illuminate the sky, but as of this time, they set their very essence ablaze.

The Sun illuminates everything, for better or worse. The Golden God is often considered the Lawgiver and the patron of order and justice. But the Divine Blaze is also invoked for grand celebrations and public displays. Theirs is the domain of all that is grand and out in the open.


Almost every town and city is going to have a temple dedicated to the Sunfire. These locations are often grandiose, with large windows to let light in. It's often fortous to make public declaeations at these temples. People hold wedding there, politicians announce their policies, and court cases are heard. All that is brought into the light

Holy Books & Codes

Tenets of Faith

  • No individual is above the law.
  • Those in power must guide the people to the betterment of all.
  • Never accept deceit as a part of justice.
  • One cannot be righteous if one isn't honest.
  • Always be on the lookout for the influence of fiends and destroy their harmful presence.


Sunhigh is the main day of celebration throughout the year as it is the brightest day of the year.
Alternative names
Shining Judge
Public displays
Divine Classification
Celestial Deity
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