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Drakona are humanoid descendants of dragons mingled with human heritage. They don't retain much of their draconic personality and often function well with others instead of being isolated. There are very few drakona-only settlements, outside the Zazik Kingdom. In other places, they tend to integrate with the rest of society as best they can. When you look as different as they do from most other races, you sometimes need to put effort into being normal.

Basic Information


Dragonborn retains a lot of dragon features, but have no wings nor tail. There were those who had those traits, but most such lineages seem to have died out.

Genetics and Reproduction

The dragonborn are genetically incompatible with most other races, and anatomically designed for egg-laying. This doesn’t mean they can’t have sex with others, but it’s rarer than most other combinations. Between themselves, dragonborn can certainly enjoy sex, but it tends to be either very rough or very gentle. There is only a slight tendency for chromatic ones towards the first and metallic towards the second.   Dragonborn aren’t fertile very often but when they are, it takes about a month and a half before an egg is formed that is then laid by the female. It must then be cared for and kept warm around the clock for another five months before it hatches. Two kinds of multiple births might happen with dragonborn. A female laying more than one egg is almost unheard of (and likely painful and dangerous for the mother). Two children hatched from the same egg is rare, and in most cases, they are both too weak to survive without immediate clerical aid.
60 years
Average Height
200 cm
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Chromatic dragonborn have bright coloured scales, but as they grow older these scales become more dull and worn. Metallic dragonborn, on the contrary, are born with very dusty-looking metal scales that become ever more shiny as they grow older.


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