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Church of the Raven Queen

This isn't the most popular, and very much not the most populous, church in the Caliphate, but they are much valued the times they are called for. They help take care of the terminally ill, the ones with deadly wounds, the dead, and the dying. They protect all of those from both emotional harm and from the unnatural forces of undeath.


At the head of the church sits three Matrons of the Raven who are supposedly in regular contact with the goddess. Every major city has a High Priest who guides priests who both help maintain the greater temples and the various shrines outside the cities.

Public Agenda

The Church of the Raven Queen is mostly concerned with the dying, the dead, and the grieving. But they are also ever vigilant against any undead and will do whatever they can to eradicate such abominations.
Religious, Organised Religion


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