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Religious classes introduction

Those who play characters with ties to the divine need to ask themselves what gods the are linked to. There are many possible reasons why they might serve a specific deity, church, or cult, but it all starts with who it is. Of course, other people have religious beliefs too and so might benefit from looking over this list, but for someone who serves a god - reading it's a must.

Celestial Deities

Out of all the divine powers that once existed according to legend, only these five remain. They are the reson life coninues and the world can exist. But they are also aloof and distant. They either can't or won't manifest as material entities, and prayers to the Sun or the Dark might change your fortune, the difference is subtle. Worship flock to the Celestial Deities because they are all that remains, not because they expect personal salvation.

The god of the Sun, of Justice and everything worthy of public praise or condemnation.
The god of Darkness, Secrets, and the Hidden. From conspiracies to a lover's tryst.
The stairs are said to be the lives that never were. Their guardian is also the one who oversees the passing from life to death and who cares for the souls as they move on.

The Moirai

The Moirai are the three moons that orbit Ailion as well as the divine entities within them. They are three aspects of the same divine concept and every time they circle the planet, they renew it. While most understand the roles of the Moirai to be essintial for holding back the destructive forces of the Abyss, the three have virtually no influence on the daily lives of those below. A lot is said about how auspicious it is for an event to be happening while each moon is in a different position, but none of it has been proven.

She is the link to the Past and the bringer of something new. Because every beginning must start with what has been.
The larger of the three moons is the manifistation of Lady Silver, the Present. She doesn't dwell on what has been or look to an uncertain future. Instead, Lady Silver represents paying attention to what currently is.
The Moirai that looks to the Future and to things that end. All things, the good as well as the bad, will eventually perish to leave room for what comes after. There is always uncertainty in what will happen, save for that.


The gods created Ailion and the rest of the starsystem a very long time ago. They then created the various bloodlines of life that live there. But in their arrogance, they failed to notice the tears to the Abyss that was opening until it was too late. The Dawn War only ended when most of the gods sacrificed their life and the rest of them locked themselves into continously reinfocing the protection of the world. THe ones who died left behind enormous statue-like forms. These rock formations are known as Eidolons and they shape and hold together all of magic. Proximity to them alters magic. Bringing their essence with you provides access to their abilities.

The Blacksmith
A decorated humanoid armour with lava pools inside and ice crystals on the crown of the helmet. A focus for material and elemental magic as well as construction.
The Double-Masked
A head wearing two masks is all that remains above ground. Illusions and mind-bending magic flow thoughout the region.
The Dreamer of Sands
A tapered skull form an hourglass shape with the torso below, allowing for sand and depris blown in from the wind to eventually fall through the shapes. The Dreamer connect magic of time and desire.
The Lantern-Bearer
The cross-legged figure has partially sunk into the ground. Two of its four arms merge in the shape of a giant lantern. Divination magic and magical attempts to seek knowledge emmanate from here.
The Many-Winged Serpent
The largest of the Eidolons, the Serpent twists around itself as it rises from the sea to the sky. Winds, teleportation, and travel are focused by it.
The Nine-Tailed Fox
This Eidolon is almost completely over-grown, possibly because of its connection to life — both flora and fauna. It has allowed nature to break its own rules.
The Sunken Skull
What looks like the skeletal remains of a humanoid head and arm sticks up from a bog. Its magic rots and breaks down — but can also force such processes to take different turns, such as make undead.
The Weeping Mother
Hands cover the face of this figure that has meged with the mountain behind it and waterfalls exit through the eyes. Its magic brings calm, rest, and health.

The Abyss



Nature itself has an incredible force tied to it and can be called upon for impressive feats of magic for those who know how to. Various fey and other spirits that get their energy from this, and some hunt specifically to feed from it. The force that is nature is greater than just living matter and the cycle of life. It includes the very ground, the air, and the basics of elemental forces. To those who aim to master this craft need a focus for their efforts. This means they are often found in tribes or settlements outside civilisation.

Some Eidolon, specifically The Nine-Tailed Fox and The Weeping Mother, seem to strengthen the power of natural spirits around them.


Some spirits are powerful enough to have formed their own dimensions to rule. Their influence can stretch out from there to empower people and places.

God of Desires. Created by Sune to watch over more carnal pleasures and desires and help mortals indulge safely and respecting consent.
God of Storytelling. Created by Sune and Oghma jointly, Wallan is the protector of storytellers, bards, historians, and more. Wherever there's a story to tell, he is there to encourage imagination.
The ruler of Mechanus, primus is the emodiment of order and law, and always an objective arbitrer.
The luck primordial represents both good and bad fortune and is often asked for aid by gamblers and other risk-takers, but also by many commoners who merely wish their lives were a bit more simple.
Goddess of Wind and Rain. She oversees all weather and is vital to any agricultural area, to ships at sea, and to most others in the world. Her mood is fickle and so a lot of effort is put into convincing her to care for those living in an area.
God of the Damned, ruler of the Nine Hells. While not always seen as a god, Asmodeus is technically created by Shar and has the power of any major deity. He uses these to make sure that souls who should end up in the Hells do so, and to tempt even more souls to come to that way.
Garl Glittergold
God of Gems, Tricks, and the Gnomes. The trickster god Garl was fairly weak until he made the gnome race from gemstones. Now he's quite powerful on account of his faithful.
God of Slaughter, Father of the Orcs. While Gruumsh encourages all forms of brutality, his primary focus is on his creation: the orcs.
God of Trade and Wealth. Worshipped by merchants, traders and anyone who ither wants to protect their wealth or gain some.
Goddess of Nature. For the most part, Mielikki represents the bounty and goodness of nature, such as game and freshwater. But get on her bad side and she also represents predators and treacherous vegetation. She is much revered amongst farmers, hunters, and fishers.
God of Mountains and Metals, Creator of the Dwarves. Any form of building, mining, or crafting is supported by Moradin. He's most proud of his own people, the dwarves, as they most embody this ideal.
God of Knowledge. At first, created to help the gods understand the world they were making, Oghma has taken on the role of collecting all knowledge and put it in the hands of those who need it.
The Onyx Knight
Goddess of Battle and Fighting. She is worshipped by soldiers, mercenaries, and generals alike. Her domain covers that of tactics and strategy as well a proficient use of weapons. She has very little in common with the barbaric tactics of Gruumsh.
Raven Queen
Goddess of Death. A mortal who stepped up to the position of looking after souls from death to being sent to their appropriate afterlife. She maintains a neutral position except insisting that all have a destiny that must be fulfilled, and no one should live (or "live") on after that.
Goddess of Love. Hers is beauty and joy as she tries to find everyone's desire and fulfil it as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else.


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