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Tarenn White

This rather large human is the Head of the House at the Jewel Palace. He might try to uphold an image of decorum, but at the heart of it, he's just so excited about getting to be in this wonderful palace, surrounded by pretty things and able to take part in the glory of it all. He can sometimes be seen just playing around with the treasures of the household, just to enjoy how gorgeous it all is.   As the head of the Jewel Palace Household, it's their job to oversee all the work that takes place. The kitchen staff needs to know what to cook, the cleaning staff needs to know where they can be without interrupting something, sick staff need replacements, and so on and so forth. They are not always in charge of specific things, but they are in charge of the people who are. Inside the palace walls - everything goes through them eventually. In the same way, if anything goes wrong or is mismanaged - this is who to blame.
Current Location
Year of Birth
1318 SR 47 Years old
Short, brown.
Aligned Organization


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