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Iul (Pron: Yul)


Basic Information


This is an hybrid "created" many centuries ago by a farming human family.

When the humans were the dominant species an exenctric farmer, named Mirabel van Devries, begin to experiment breeding dogs, horses and plants.

The Iul is a cross breed from a female horse and a donkey. Has almos all the appearence of the last but the skin and the hooves. The result is a strong and resiliant animal.

Biological Traits

The Iul have the agility and strenght of the horse parent and the intelligence of the donkey.

Genetics and Reproduction

As an Hybrid the male is steril but the famale can produce fertile eggs

Ecology and Habitats

The uil is a common farm animal; but the dwarves understand the capabilities of the species and breed them in mountans and near mines.

Dietary Needs and Habits

They need water and grass or hay.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The most important use is in farm labor as a beast of burden. Not only because its strength and resilence against desease and long labor days but its low cost to mantain.
The dwarves star to breed this animals for transport in the mountains, his hooves are specilly good for rocky terrain or the stone trails they build; then they discover can be used to transport the iron and other minerals the dwarven industry extract from mines. Yes other animals are stronger or capable to carry more but the size and low food this animal needs to work were the key.

Physical Characteristics

  • Long ears
  • short, straith horsehair
  • medium tail
  • Hooves narrow boxed. Ideal for rock soil.
  • Large body, long and thin muscules but strong.
  • Dense and strong bones.
Scientific Name
50 years
Average Height
Average Weight
250 Kg


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