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Mage's Holly

This was by far one of the more useful plants on this planet. But not the solar system.

General Description and Usages

Mage's Holly is curious in its own right, due to the sheer amount of magical properties it possess. The leaves are a blood red, and can be used for making teas and potions of divination. While the berries, a very bright blue, are generally used to make paint for wards, runes and glyphs as protection spells. The paint made out of the berries can make armor more effective and make protection spells more effective. Putting the berries into a potion of healing will make it fifty percent stronger. Making a dye out of both of them and soaking say, fabric in the blue and string in the red, you'd be able to create a sort of protection spell over these clothes. It would give the wearer the precognition of an attack as if they're on constant high alert, and also a small armor buff.
Mages holly.png
Mage's Holly by Leashea and Theiket
The common practise for the thread being in the red dye is that you are able to embroider sigils into the clothing.

Cover image: Bannerrr by Leashea via Midjourney


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Dec 10, 2023 19:38 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

What a striking plant. I would keep it for ornamentation even if wasn't super useful.

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