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Black Wall Pear

Dangerous to get to, worth the trek though.
Black Wall Pear is an ivy-like plant that grows in abundance in the ruins of █████ on the planet █████████. The vines grow small, black pear-shaped fruit. This fruit is actually not connected in the slightest to real pears, they just happen to look like them. The fruit is safe to eat and completely edible. However, the environment that it grows in is trecherous and not ideal for most to be able to gather, therefore seeing it in markets is quite rare. Adventuring parties and mercenaries are often hired to seek and gather this fruit for various merchants. Rumors say that eating this fruit will grant you the ability to read minds.
The rumor was not true, despite how hard Addi tried to read my mine and Niall's minds.
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Dec 31, 2023 23:06 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Alas, the rumour was false. I'd still kind of like to try it though.

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