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Amethyst Lace Lichen

Appearance and Abilities

The Amethyst Lace Lichen is a lichen that grows especially well in wet climates. Once it starts to grow it is hard to get rid of. Grows in avery pretty pattern resembling the way lace is made. The lichen itself feels hard as opposed to its supposed squishy appearance.


One of many uses for the Amethyse Lace Lichen is the ability to boil it and turn it into a dye. The lichen oxodizes a very deep and rich blue colour. Once the leaves have been boiled with the cloth you desire to dye, you may dry out the oxodized lichen and grind it into a paint pigment. The colour that this tends to produce is used in many famous paintings in ██████.
Amethyst Lace Lichen by Leashea and Theiket

Cover image: Bannerrr by Leashea via Midjourney


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