Reality Merger

Reality Merger is a dreaded superweapon that seems to have been created by a country that understood hyperspace anomalies (and Hyperspace as a whole) quite a lot... and managed to weaponize their finds, creating a terrifying weapon of war.   It is essentially a variant of Spatial Distortion Generator that not only distorts Reality, but also causes Hyperspace to leak into it, essentially merging (even it only regionally) both dimensions. The effect can be summed to expanding rift that draws ships closer like a black hole before they are destroyed (or suffer utter cessation of existence, if they survived until the rift itself).   What's more, it sounds like an interdiction device, preventing hyperspace travel at the distance of several light years (due to the Hyperspace getting extremely turbulent and all ships attempting to travel in it end up minced), with a distortion itself acting a bit similar to shortlived, manmade hyperspace anomaly.


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