American Commune

One of several countries vying for control over Sector 19 - American Dream, and a permanent participant of the American War that unendingly rages in the western part of the Eastern American Cluster. It is also one of the most succesful anarchist 'states' in current Galaxy, making it one of the cornerstones of the Fifth International.


After a period of internal changes (that mostly happened even before the Unification Wars started, as then the American Commune system was mostly established), most of the American Commune changed into a firm example of anarchosyndycalist 'state', being formed from many autonomous communes ruled by councils made up from representatives of various trade unions.   Unlike most of Fifth International states, however, there is a lot of plurality in that manner, though. Many of such communes are in fact ruled according to anarchocapitalist or anarchocommunists principles. Some are actually closer to extreme social democrats. All 'counterrevolutionary' movements are still firmly outlawed and persecuted, which includes all forms of conservatisms, monarchism, communism, fascism, standard democracies and so on.   Above the level of the communes there is the First Council that serves as a de facto collective government of the Commune, overseeing its external and internal politics. There is also a First Secretary of the Pan-American Trade Union that serves as a de facto executive power, overseeing the day-to-day actions of the Commune.

Public Agenda

Officially it fights to spread the anarchist revolution throughout the Sector 19, unoficially however it fights to survive. Every other local power is out to destroy the Commune, and nearest significant Fifth International presence is nowhere near it. Which means that Commune can survive only by keeping low profile and pitching its potential enemies against each other, which it manages to do quite well.   It survives, and that's everything that's really important for its leadership.


It's creation story is rather unique, since it actually wasn't created via a violent revolution target and 'evil capitalists'. It was created in a most peaceful way, as it originated from an anarchist colony established via significant number of political descendants of Antifa and similar organizations, mostly destroyed on Earth during the turbulent period between Third and Fourth World War. Those that survived established New Harmony colony in Warren system, on the outskirts of Sector 19... and then grew.   It wasn't until the Unification War that anarchist colony actually began expanding for real, using military power to seize neighbouring systems. It managed to score several surprising successes early on, mostly due to its neighbours severely underestimating the armed forces of the local 'anarchist commune' that, overtime, began drifting towards forms similar to anarchosyndycalism.   The several systems they captured early served as a sufficient powerbase, especially after their inhabitants being mindsculpted into proper anarchists. While the many defficiencies of anarchosyndycalist systems in face of prolonged total wars did sabotage its own expansion, the American Commune managed to gain enough ground to become an independent state and remain independent even after Unification Wars ended.

Demography and Population

87% homo sapiens, 13% of Variants. The lower number of the latter isn't cause by any notions of racism, as it's mostly nonexistent in the Commune, but simply by the fact that there was no significant Variant colony in the area that the Commune managed to annex in its early history.   There are also next to no domesticated aliens due to American Commune being far from the borders with them and not being a place that attracted many of them.


Officially the Commune's 'religion' is state atheism. However, unlike other anarchosyndycalist countries, there is some leniency in that matter. Many of the internal communes allow certain forms of religious life to thrive, with several actually bordering on being called anarcho-theocratic. Most of those religious brands can be described as spiritual descendants of the liberation theology, even more interspersed with local politics.   All of them consider Revolution a thing that God expects them to spread. Any other religious movements are forbidden, though of course not officially as the Commune is a place of ultimate freedom for everyone.

Freedom, Equality, Revolution

American Commune

Capital: Central Spire on New Harmony
Official Languages: English
Religion: State Atheism
Government: Anarchosyndycalist State
Faction: Fifth International
Current ruler: Comrade First Secretary Annabelle Rand
Population: Approx. 11 000 000 000.
Currency: Variety


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