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​​Late middle ages - no firearms, but advanced metallurgic tools like magnets and gunpowder are available. Magic is not widely used in Londolon, and demi-humans like elves and magical creatures do not exist, either. The only magic-users in Londolon are druids, who live in enclaves far in the wilderness away from the growing cities, and who have access to the AD&D Priest Spell Spheres of “all, animal, elemental, healing, plant, and weather,” as well as minor access to the divination sphere. There are no known wizards in Londolon. However, magical artifacts can be found in ruins of the barbarian wastes, and they are aggressively collected by priests of the Holy Church of Londolon -- even the priests have not yet solved many mysteries of these powerful artifacts. Most of society is still agricultural, but Londolon is moving toward urbanization, early capitalism, and industrialization.​​   ​​Religion: Popular religion is powerful in Londolon. There is one Church which has a presence across the entire continent, and citizens attend weekly Mass in huge cathedrals to pray with the priests. According to the lore of the Church, godly beings known as “the Masters” once ruled Londolon, but because the people of Londolon were wicked and disobedient, the Masters left and abandoned their servants. Every day, worshipers pray that the Masters return to take care of their flocks. Priests of the Church pretend to have a magical connection to the immortal Masters, but they do not. They have, however, access to magical devices left behind by the Masters, which they use to create the appearance of power. The artifacts are kept in catacombs under the cathedrals and the knowledge of how to interpret the wisdom inscribed on the artifacts is kept guarded by the priesthood, who lead their flocks in worshipping the Masters. ​​   ​​Economy: Most of Londolon’s economy is still agricultural, but in the last twenty years cities have begun growing at an accelerating pace. Stable kingdoms have led to well-defined property records, reliable currency, and the beginnings of a secure banking system. The first private chartered companies are being formed, backed by capital invested by members of Londolon’s aristocracy. These companies are linked directly to the monarchic dynasties ruling each kingdom and their closest allies.​​