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Loa Dena

213 Uktar 30

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The world is fresh and new, with many monsters of all shapes and sizes freely roaming the vast expanse beyond the confines of the budding Ronchemtal civilization. The past two hundred years have created elaborate bureaucratic systems that employ heavy taxes on all of its people who value the safety and protection of the military might of the empire.   Founded on the continent Breayea, the Ronchemtal is the name of a powerful monarchy system that rules over the once nomadic clans of Loa Dena. As a massive conflict ended nearly two centuries ago, where the Ronchemtal seized power through influence and warfare between the dozen other tribes. The Ronchemtal has created a vast amount of wealth and prosperity for the land and begun to expand beyond their borders into the lesser-explored reaches of their known world. However, this has not been met without its own problems. Within recent memory, the outposts and towns that have been seeded across the Expanse sea have been destroyed by a violent threat in the east.   With untold stories, powerful enemies, strange and distant magics, roaming creatures, and budding adventures to be had. Loa Dena is home to a Sword Coast knock-off, allowing my players to run the Lost Mines of Phandalin story arc before they began their own stories.

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