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Summer Camp 2023 Reading Challenge

My Summer Camp Results

  Going to start with a reflection of my own summer camp details, as it was mentioned we could.   I was very enthusiastic going in to the Summer Camp Challenge, but because I'd never done it before (and had just gotten back into playing around on WorldAnvil), I set myself a goal of Silver (aka 16 articles). I'm glad I did, because that's the goal I managed to hit - no less, no more.   And, at the same time that the WA Summer Camp Challenge was going on, it was also Camp NaNoWriMo - I'm an elder at NaNoWriMo (16 years this November), and I'd been falling down at my writing for the last few years. I managed April's Camp with a wordcount goal of 30K, and decided that this month my goal would be 40K, to help ramp up for NaNoWriMo 2023 in November. This fact is important. :wink:   The other thing about Camp NaNoWriMo in July was that my lovely Plot Bunnies decided that rather than doing a fanfic story as a present for my best friend, I was to work on the story that I tried to get done during November 2022, and absolutely failed at. And a big part of the reason I failed was that I didn't have enough of a grasp of the world my characters got transported to, to have that background in the novel.   Thus, Lingyichao.   And the Summer Camp here helped make a huge difference. I got things set up here (in fact, the third article I wrote and got to 300 words on, Xiaowang, was immediately used for an encounter with my characters), including the broad details, the various elements that I needed to have settled in my mind as I got the beginnings of the story written, and I've been very satisfied with how both the Summer Camp worldbuilding and the Camp NaNoWriMo writing managed to dovetail neatly together.   So yes, had a great time doing Summer Camp, even if I ended up falling down a bit for the last two weeks (my story and other things took over). I managed my goal, which was the other important part!

Focus #1

A Cuisine from a Sparse, Barren, or Remote Region of Your World

  1. Crushtop by Irately Comment: A fascinating history and interesting details for this drink! (And as a tea-totaller, I happen to love the fact that you included a non-alcoholic version for it.) I also like the description of the flavours.
  3. Iron Rations by Travakh Comment: Reading for the Summer Camp Reading Challenge, and this post intrigued me. I like all the details added in (that was my falling down point, I believe), and I really like the story at the start to illustrate this. That's an idea I'll probably steal myself, because it helps make it more interesting!
  5. Yakhni by andreaalien Comment: I really like how the details of the Stamekians' beliefs are incorporated into this meal description. The various beliefs mentioned (the animal's lifeblood, the camels being sacred) help even this small insight into the Stamekians give us more information than just what the meal is and how it's prepared.

Focus #2

A Children's Tale or Song based on a Real Event

  1. The Barrow-Song by Ninodonlord Comment: I unfortunately can't click the "Like" button, but I definitely liked this article! Both the example verses and the orcish poem at the end, and all the details that have gone in to making this a significant aspect of the world. The history behind it is fascinating, and definitely makes me want to explore this world in a lot more detail!
  3. Clover and the Harmony Glen by JudasBrennan Comment: This is such a lovely story, with an interesting meaning - especially the idea that this has been passed on and had such a huge effect on the animals involved, and the moral of the story, that anyone can have that same effect as long as they stay true to the message!
  5. A Ring Around the Shadowed One by Reyke Comment: I like this song, especially the idea that bards specifically composed it as a warning to future generations. Is there a game that goes along with it, the way there is with our world's "Ring Around the Rosy", to make it even more memorable?

Focus #3

A Species with an Unusual Form of Communication

  1. Mytrobi by Terion Comment: Ooh, I quite like this idea! I'm fascinated by animals using colours to communicate, so this concept definitely appeals to me. (Plus, animal body language, always an interesting thing!)
  3. Twilight Butterflies by Kwyn Marie Comment: I am definitely intrigued - empathic butterflies! This makes me extremely curious. Are the smaller ones some kind of hivemind, that as they grow they become more independent? Or perhaps youngsters following a parent/caregiver? So many questions!
  5. Luminescent Drifters by WantedHero Comment: I adore this idea! As I mentioned in one other person's creation, I love the thought of communication via light and colour. And particularly intriguing that it looks like some other species respond to this form of communication as well!

Worldbuilding Goals over Next Six Months

  I have three main goals over the next six months in terms of worldbuilding:  
  1. Get more work done on Lingyichao, and finish the articles that I've started (though I realize the SC submissions do have to wait until after Aug 26), and do a bit more to flesh out the world of Tianxiajie, and Zhongguo's internal politics.
  3. Get my other world of The Pack up and going, in the hopes of getting some writing done on the main story in that world during NaNoWriMo 2023.
  5. Work some more on the world of Psi Department, so I can hopefully inspire myself to finish the edits of Search and Rescue, and go on to the short story collection Here and There.
  I will likely be poking around a bunch of the other Summer Camp 2023 prompt responses, but these nine (all in prompts that I didn't do, on purpose) have given me some inspiration for working on my own things. Like children's songs and stories! I want to do some work with that, definitely!


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