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Spell House Rules

General Rules
  • Magical effects that do damage every round can only damage ONCE per round (it doesn't matter if on the spell says that it damages when a creature enter the space or starts/ends it's turn there)
  • Wall spells can have 3 corners (all corners must be visible/they can only be multiple of 15 degrees)
  • Cantrips changes of ONE DnD can be applied in this game, should player ask to
  • Cantrips can be spammed, but consequences may arise for you will tire yourself from doing it. If you span a cantrip for at least 1 minute (does not apply for combat), make a Con Saving Throw DC 10 (times 1 for each half hour passed) each half hour that you spam this. When you fail one of these savings, you get a point of exhaustion.
  • Gust has 60 feet range, but the saving throw is made with advantage if more than 30 ft.
First level
  • Sleep starts with a 4d8 instead of a 5d8 (Ignore this rule if you are level 5+).
  • Magnify Gravity and Shatter cause double damage to structures.
  • Protection from Evil and Good also applies to certain campaign-related monsters
  • Charm person The target has to make another wisdom saving to see if he knows the spell's been cast after it ends
  • Mage Armor can be cast as a bonus action
  • Silvery Barbs is BANNED.
Second level
  • Melf’s Acid Arrow adds the PB on the damage roll.
  • Using Suggestion on a PC lasts only for 1 hour. Plus, it lasts 1d4+1 rounds if the enemy (any type) is hostile.
  • Barkskin is not conenctration and lasts for 2 hours.
Third level
  • Create Food and Drinks is a level 2 spell
  • Tongues does not exist. Instead, Comprehend Languages can be cast at 3rd level to obtain the effects of Tongues
  • Conjure/Summon any-type-of-creature spells are not concentration. Furthermore, players cannot use the "CR 1/4" option of these spells.
  Fourth Level
  • Fire shield (and Stoneskin) lasts 1 hour and can be cast as a bonus action
Seventh level
  • Mordekainen's word is a 5d10 damage and is cast as a bonus action


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