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Lindrinor's Universe

The beginning of all

"It is truly amazing, Universes tend to multiply themselves just as life does. And they do it a lot. They're like nasty and horny rabbits."
Pundrin Truth-Seeker, excerpt removed from the book Multicology: Universes Beyond Our Own


There are many ways in which a universe can be born: Exploding supernovas create worm holes so massive that they turn into another universe of it's own; Divine entities tear apart the fabric of reality and universes are created in the process; Even when a single mortal decision is taken, another universe can be formed. The dimension in which the planet Lindrinor resides was born in the good n' old-fashioned way: after the death of another universe.   As weird as it sounds, that is the most violent way of creating another universe. And sometimes it is so violent that divine entities are created in the process. That's what happened to this Universe as well. On its first breath, the Major Elder Gods were generated and each of them represented the constants of any universe.


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