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In Between Birds and Lizards, Side Chapter: Restoring Xylah's Powers



Xylah's explanation:
  • The Gods War occurred and the draconic deities had their divine power stolen by the Destroyer Gods. These gods transformed their power into weapons that their chosen wielded during that War. However, when they lost, the winning gods hid the weapons for no one to find. Therefore, they are protected by the chosen of these gods.
  • These weapons have been located now for thousands of years and, even though many have tried, they have not been retrieved yet. 
  • Xylah says that, if the adventurers want Xylah as an ally, they need to retrieve the weapons and dispel the magic from them. 


Xylah, Lord of the Woods, like all other Draconic Deities were stripped of most of their arcane powers (by the other deities) during the first years of the The Gods War by the Destroyer Gods. Xylah's powers were put into 3 separate weapons: the Thornmaul, the Wand of the Mush-King and the Boots of Skywalking. After the war ended, the winning gods hid away these particular weapons in Ralbun Island. iThey are each located in, respectively, somewhere still not decided in the Blessed Woods, at the peak of one of the spires in which Aviandalia is located and inside the waterfall-cave of the northern river.



Gather the Three Weapons of Xylah and dispel the magic from them to restore Xylah's divine powers and gain a powerful ally in the process.


Xylah, Lord of the Woods, will explain everything to the players once they talk to them. Therefore, they'll have to decide whether or not to do this.
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