Usami no Genmaru

Usami no Genmaru


Father said I was, and always will be, an irrepresible free spirit.
— Usami


Early Life

Until we hit several years of bad harvests, my family's farm prospered. The province's aging daimyou brooked no excuses when it came to tax payments. Father sold off item after item to avoid having to do anything more drastic. But our debt kept growing. Since I was the lowly third son, would they be forced to sell me off or give me to a temple?   I couldn't let either of those things happen. To earn a few coins, I started wandering into town, playing a shakuhachi flute my uncle helped me make.   As my talent grew, so did my popularity and income. At fifteen, I requested permission to travel from our district lord. My appeal caught the attention of the new daimyou who served east of the capital. He invited me to play in his court. I was ecstatic at first. The pay was good and men and women vied for my attention, asking me to visit their quarters at night, much to the dismay of Bessho, the music master.   Bessho plotted to oust me, but a lady who fancied me caught wind of his plan and helped me foil it. Do not ask who she was. I shall not reveal her name.   It didn't take long to grow bored with playing for the petty, squabbling nobles who treated me like property. I longed for the freedom to learn more and become a shakuhachi master. It would never happen here.   It took me seven years to pay off my family's debt. After that, I reached a deal with my daimyou and left the court to travel like I'd originally planned. If I could learn more songs and techniques, I'd be happy to stop in Kyoto and play for his court again.

Become Japan's foremost shakuhachi player.
Earn enough to pay off my family's farming debt and help them get ahead for several years.
Travel to every district in Japan.


Time of Study

Every yen I earned had gone toward my family's debt. It was hard starting out with no money, playing to earn my food and begging to learn every new style I came across. But I picked up new techniques quickly.    One master, Okuni-sensei, taught me to read the music for shakuhachi and how to infuse my music with a version of kotodama, the magic of the word.

Effect of Kotodama in Writing

(kotodama in a spell)
Written music was a strange system and breaking through to use magic was tough. I stayed with Okuni-sensei for several years, the longest I studied under anyone because he challenged me. This may sound like bragging, but it's the truth. I surpassed all my other masters with little effort. Okuni-sensei said I lacked one thing, heart in my music. I needed to share my talent. So he released me back into the world.   Over the years, I visited every prefecture in Japan. I learned each regional style, adapting and combining them. Every nuance was something new to add to my performances. The crowds grew with my reputation. Posters at town squares would announce my eminent arrival. Though I will admit, a small part of my reputation was selfish. One woman who welcomed me to her bed bragged that she dodged her father's order to stay away. While she tried to keep contact, there was always another in the next town.   My music mattered most.


The Legend

On my way to the capital to play for a once in a lifetime audience, I ran into a snowstorm.  
by AWV + Hero Forge
Snowflakes swirled around the snow maiden—beautiful, out of a fairytale. A man eating yokai. Idiot me walked into her territory. Could I propitiate her before she killed me? I introduced myself. All I had to bargain with was my life and my magic infused music. Her lips trembled at my offer.

Shimoko was her name.  
Shimoko's yuki onna form
by AWV + Hero Forge
My shakuhachi music had drawn the snow maid's attention. Her answer? A touch trailing down the flute leaving frosted fingerprints. I remained for a week trying to figure out how to escape. Each night she returned from the hunt, I performed soporific melodies to soothe her blood-soaked nightmares.

  Meeting Shimoko, changed my life and my music. Thanks to her, I reached my final goal and played for the audience of a lifetime.   Read our story here.
(Start at chapter 2. Chapter 1 is his early life as above. Note: Chapter 2 leaves off at a satisfactory place. But chapters 3-5 will post on WA in March. If you can't wait to read the rest of the story, I have the full manuscript available in epub and PDF formats on Ko-fi and Patreon..)

The Bard's Magic

Shakuhachi music like Usami would play    
Usami has sharp features, a darker complexion, and sports a short, well trimmed beard. He's a little shorter than average height and in great shape, due to his constant travel. He teases that he could out run a wolf, both in speed and endurance.
August 8, 948 (Leo)
Meyers Briggs
Entertaining a wide audience, from children to the eldery
Current Location
West of Lake Biwa
Brown, almost black
A samurai playing a Japanese style flute
Flute Player by Utagawa Kuniyoshi


Outgoing and friendly
Observant, able to expertly read people and the room
Happy to teach people to play the shakuhachi, as long as he's in the area.
Dependent on others' approval
Uses music to make up for a lack of affirmation as a child
Carries his shakuhachi everywhere. Having it along on his adventures is a comfort and a way to get attention and income.
Always has a joke or pun ready.


Lives to entertain people
Horses, though he's not rich enough to own one.
Light green
Being stuck in one area. Left the patronage of a rich daimyou because he could only entertain a restricted clientel.
Eel. He thinks it's slimy.
Fighting. He can talk and play his way out of any confrontation.


Cover image: by AWV + Hero Forge
Character Portrait image: by AWV + Hero Forge


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Feb 5, 2022 04:58 by Stormbril

I love the first person method of writing character articles, and especially love how you've done yours! It's really nice being able to see Usami's own story through his voice, and get glimpses of his own thoughts. The ending of the first half, before "The Legend", with him saying his music mattered most is great.   I was a little taken aback by the change from first person after 'The Legend' header though, with it then again turning into first person in the following container. Nothing bad really! Just a small hiccup in the flow, I guess? I love the step back from Usami's view point to give a bit of outside narrative, though!   Also, love all the short form info about him on the side bar :)

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Great article! The writing perspective is pretty fun to read through. I like how his quest to learn so many techniques also led him to learning some kotodama. Will definetly read the added story when I find the time ^^

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Nice character! I love his dedication to his music and learning new techniques :D Did he ever get in troubles for his womanizing or is it something that is more or less accepted? I love the css animation you have on the spell :D   Small note, in the "daimyou" tooltip you have a repetition.

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Great first person narration based in an area and time that I always love hearing stories about (and learning about, until i get distracted by something else).   I also like that similar to what I saw/heard on the few times I visited Japan in the Navy that you have him as a follower of both Shinto and Buddhism. It is a small detail, but well done.

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