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Your average Joe and Jane. They range from simple to ambitious. The human species is remarkably resilient and capable of great feats if they put their minds to a task.   Over the last two millennia in the Liminal Chronicles verse, they have emerged from several feudal class and caste systems to independence in many areas and have become capable of launching ships and satellites into outer space. They've evolved to an extent in size, lifespan, and intelligence, due to better nutrition and education over the ages.   In the main country of the setting, belief remains in the Shinto Kami , but Buddhism arriving from India through China is also rooted strong in the culture. These beliefs seem to have meshed well together. Then they incorporated first with magic then modern living, where everything is seen to have a spirit and tech is best when it is in harmony and balance with nature. Though belief has seemed to wane in the modern age.  


Their lifespans are short in comparison to other sapient races.
Humans are less likely to learn magic, due to not having an open Ki Reserve at birth.
Those who are not magically inclined are more easily duped by magical beings. (Sometimes for protection of the magical being and sometimes for nefarious purposes.) The weak minded can be possessed or controlled by spirits, such as a Kitsune who seeks personal revenge.
They often see non-humans as a threat. Though throughout history - there have been reasons to remain suspicious of 'outsiders'.
They are weaker than the larger species such as the Oni


They multiply rapidly in comparison to other sapient races.
The learn and adapt quickly.
Humans create and use technology faster than other sapient races. By the modern age, other races especially the ancient members are struggling to incorporate and adapt to human technology such as cellphones, computers and encryption. Sapient species are rushing to send their new generations to human universities.
They are stronger than the smaller species such as the Tanuki

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

The birthrate tends to out pace that of most other sapient races.   Most species from the Spirit Realm can marry and have offspring with humans. Humans usually seem to have no concern over marrying a being of another race. The children are considered human, but often have extraordinary powers (such as strength and wisdom) and a keen ability for magic.   It should be noted that unless there is love in a human/non-human match it can cause illnesses such as Kitsune Sickness.

Growth Rate & Stages

Maturity of the species varies culturally by location and time period. In modern Japan adulthood is considered to be 20, where there is a yearly 'Coming of Age' ceremony.

Civilization and Culture

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Good for the most part. When trust is established on the human side, it usually lasts.   Though many of the races originally from the spirit realm have had to hide their presence because of the human population explosion and humanity often destroys what it does not understand. In the last few decades, the decrease in Japan's population has made things easier for the other races to hide and fill in gaps in small towns.   There hasn't been an inter-species war since about the year 1000--the days of Watanabe no Tsuna and his cohort who exterminated the major Oni horde.
Parent Species
Presumably the Kami, though myths only tell of the birth of the first Emperor and his lineage through the sun goddess Amaterasu.

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