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Brotherhood for Peace

The Brotherhood for Peace (BFP) started as a small, quiet group protesting the yokai presence—in modern day and history. They feel ridding Japan of yokai is the only reasonable approach to the violence that non-humans bring.   Despite the League of Guardians' attempts to quell yokai and human clashes and keep them out of the media, they haven't been able to suppress them all. The clashes are increasing as both humans and yokai migrate to the higher population centers of Japan.   In the last few years, the BFP has increased in numbers and and their voice has grown louder, more insistent, and increasingly pervasive.


Public Agenda

The BFP believes yokai should be expunged from Japan's historic records, then driven out of Japan. The fewer people that like or believe in the unreliable, non-humans, the better.
  • Yokai are only constant trouble—violent like the Yakuza.
  • The BFP will erase yokai from history, to have the one true, fact-based history
  • Yokai have no place in today’s world


    Politcal Intrigue and Influence

    As the BFP numbers grow, they are pushing teh government for anti-yokai legislation that would remove non-humans from being considered citizens.   They also push for news interviews and give public speeches.   Yokai themed markets, places the non-human creatures tend to congregate, and places they are worshipped are targets for their posters and loud speeches given via bullhorn from a van.  


    View from Outside the BFP

    Most people who encounter the BFP propaganda think the group is just a group of cooks. Until recently, the public didn't consider it possible to encounter yokai. The beings were just legends, right?   The BFP appears to be a dangerous cult. Yokai aren't the only violent types. For example, look at underground crime and Japan's history—particularly the Sengoku Period and the Meiji Restoration.   Police reports for missing citizens (that the PSIA Paranormal Division says may be yokai disguised as humans) are on the rise. Who will be targeted next?   Thankfully, the PSIA says their eyes are on the BFP. (It should be noted that a human who was not the head of the division gave the report to the media.)

    Yokai will be removed from history first, then from all of Japan!


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