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Like Clockwork

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A poisonous storm called The Tempest had raged over the sea for thousands of years, sealing away whatever lay within. Then, without warning or reason, the howling winds and corrosive rains dissipated. As it fell, arcane energies rose from hidden depths and magic, long discounted by science, returned to the world.   Behind the storm, a massive Shrouded Continent continent was discovered. Here, magic had never left and the people relied on it to power their technologies, rather than the steam engines and lightning coils used beyond the walls of the Tempest.   Kealaphus is a fantasy steampunk setting in which two worlds, separated for millennia, are reunited. The Empires of Man reach out with their technology—their airships and steam mechanisms, firearms and electric engines—to ancient and eldritch lands, hoping to uncover the deepest secrets of the world.   In the midst of it all, old Gods return and an ancient evil is unleashed to wreak havoc.