Coddlesworth's Clockwork

The #Dungeon23 Challenge has kicked off and we are taking part by building our mega dungeon out as the lost elven City of Dri'el'teisko! Updates will be made here as well as on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram, follow us @coddlesworth!
Picking up directly from where #1 left off, our two halflings are escorted by their saviors to a spectacle beyond their wildest dreams... but someone else is very interested in the two travelers.
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Our companion Dungeons & Dragons 5E campaign titled "Like Clockwork" is on Sunday nights at 5p Pacific 8p Eastern
Previous episodes are on YouTube.

Social Media: @coddlesworth

Partner:Rem Alternis

For direct inquiries:

  Email: [email protected]
PO Box 1239
Vienna VA 22183

The Issue 1 Kickstarter funded in just 15 Hours.  
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