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Land of the Whiteclad

Plumage is the land of order and discipline, in accordance with the will of the Fates, the deities who, in effect, rule the nation. Led by the Order of the Word, and their patron Fate, Pluman, Fate of the Sun, an ecclesiastic council governs with the heads from each of the seven Whiteclad Orders.   

The whiteclad orders

  • 20: Order of the Trumpet 
  • 19: Order of the Word 
  • 17: Order of the Torch 
  • 14: Order of the Bowl 
  • 11: Order of the Scale 
  • 8: Order of the Hammer 
  • 2: Order of Secrets 


Plumage was born out of the collapse of the Second Republic, when an earthquake shattered the land, and Hope's Landing was lost to the taint. Seeing this devastation, the growing ecclesiastic leaders, along with their patron Fates, advocated a rejection of old costums and traditions, instead wanting to adopt the ideology of Leylan and its elder races. The only way to do this, they argued, was to establish strict oversight of the mortal condition, using their divine powers to impose limits and laws meant to cleanse the nether. This, in turn, was seen by the civil leaders of the time as an attempt of establishing tyrannical rule, which they rejected.   Seeing no way to compromise on their ideals, the ecclesiastic leaders left the ruins of the Second Republic and established Plumage upon the western delta, where the budding nation would be protected by the growing nether by the river, forming a constant, cleansing flow. Thus, protected from the abuses of nether, the nation grew quickly and became a dominant force on the Mortal Tier within decades.   Plumage has gone further than anyone in the research into ether, and their famed Oratorium has produced some of the greatest (human) ethermancers that Leylan has ever seen. Through their ethereal superiority, Plumage has rebuffed any attempt from their bellicose neighbour, the Lionessi, at breaching their defenses. Nor have they been afraid to strike back; with their elite military unit, the Zealots, at its core Plumage is by many regarded as the most powerful nation on the Mortal Tier.
Geopolitical, Theocracy

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