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Lipsig Treaty Organisation

An Alliance of Hillenist States

We, the defenders of Saint Hillen's teachings, should stick together, should we not? Look at all the chaos this heresy has brought upon our lands. Only by uniting our forces, just as the blessed one had done all those years ago, can we hope to protect his holy ways.
Hans II Pentiwichen, Crown Prince of Pallernia
  The Lipsig Treaty Organisation is a military alliance between the Peasants' Republic of Aussel, the Empire of Pallernen and their subjects in Jegrim and Tolden. Founded in the Ausselian town of Lipsig, the organisation was formed to counter the heretical Baglamist Security Union that threatened the national security of the newly independent Aussel.  

Military Cooperation

Member states of the defensive alliance have military access between each other and regularly hold military exercises together. With Aussel being in the most vulnerable position in terms of its geopolitical location, the other members of the alliance have all sent military advisors and supplies to the country.  
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Military Presence

In recent years there have been discussions whether or not such a presence in the region should be expanded upon or reduced. The acting leader of the alliance, Empress Sofia of Pallernia, has expressed her desire to avoid war and to focus on her realm’s internal affairs. Some suggest this will lead to the empire taking a less active role in the region.  

Internal Troubles

The Empire of Pallernia knows that it cannot afford to wage war until the separatist factions within the country have been pacified. If war were to break out, many of such rebels would side with the empire’s enemies.


Founded in 1548 by the Pallernians and Ausselians, two people who both followed the teachings of Hillenism, the Lipsig Treaty Organisation was purposefully created to oppose the Baglamist heretics and to ensure the national securities of all member states. The plan to establish such an alliance was the brainchild of Hans Pentiwichen, the crown prince of Pallernia.  

Stabilty in Aussel

The heir to the imperial throne knew that the Ausselians had sought to forge a defensive alliance a decade before him, but those plans had failed as Aussel hadn’t proven itself to the world that it could stand on its own feet.   Since that tumultuous period in Aussel's history the young republic had managed to stabilise and repel their former overlord's from Rükenland during the Sarzin Conflict. The victory was the proof the empire needed to see in order for their nobles to agree to an alliance.   They formalised the alliance between the two countries on the 1st of Tiylavar in the Ausselian city of Lipsig. Emperor Ruprecht, Hans’ father, and the chancellor of Aussel, Boguslaw Hittel.

Jegrim and Tolden

Tolden and Jegrim were both forcefully incorporated into the alliance in the 16th century under the reign of Emperor Hans of Pallernia.   The puppet government of Jergim under the control of one of the emperor’s distant relatives, Ederich, joined the alliance against the wishes of its native people .   Tolden was ordered to join when Pallernian forces marched into their country and demanded tribute and while many of the locals were displeased, some saw benefit in such a defensive alliance.

Lethean Defense Pacts
Founding Date
Alliance, Generic
Empire of Pallernen
Organization | May 24, 2021

The Empire of Pallernen is a feudal monarchy in southern Lethea that has for centuries been the most influential and powerful human nation on the continent.

Grand Duchy of Yegri
Organization | Apr 6, 2023

A human country whose people are under foreign rule

Peasants' Republic of Aussel
Organization | Apr 14, 2021

Aussel is a small nation with an unique form of government, surrounded by religious enemies and allied to their ideological rivals.

Kingdom of Tolden
Organization | Apr 14, 2021

Kingdom of Tolden is an elective monarchy in Southern Lethea.

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  • 1548 AA

    1 Gileiqteril

    Creation of the Lipsig Treaty Organisation

    Following increased international tension between the Empire of Pallernia and those who saw the country as a threat, military alliances formed to counter the empire's expansion. Crown Prince Hans, threatened by the development, approached the Peasants' Republic of Aussel as they had asked for an alliance in the past. The two saw benefit in a military alliance and so the Lipsig Treaty Organisation was created on the 1st of Tiylavar, 1548 AA.

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