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Gatatēla Talau

Trusted Advisor and Lover of the Empress

Everyone is dismissed for today. Thank you all for your input, but this is a decision that I must make alone. Actually, I might still need some guidance in matters of faith, so, sister Talau, unless you have urgent matters to attend to, would you mind counselling me for a little longer?
— Sofia Pentiwichen, Empress of Pallernen
  Gatatēla Talau is a sister of the Hillenist clergy in service of Sofia Pentiwichen, the Empress of Pallernen. Originally from the holy settlement of Setaik, next to lake Clēqhuap, Gatatēla was brought to the imperial palace in Aurkustel by the previous monarch, Emperor Hânsil II. The young cleric now serves as a councillor, advising her emperor on religious issues and guiding her to lead in a virtuous way.  

Early Life

Born to a family of artisans in a house located just a short walk away from the holy lake, Gatatēla had, from a young age, felt a strong connection to all things spiritual. As soon as she could, the young girl began learning from both the Orthodox and the Hillenist clergies. Ultimately, she ended up deciding in favour of Hillenism, but she kept a strong affinity towards the original teachings of Abreanism as well.    

Service to the Kiretia

When she was 14 years old, Gatatēla went to the Kiretaev of Blessed Hillen in Setaik and talked to the leader of the clergy there about joining their ranks. She was welcomed with open arms and made an initiate who learned under the guidance of the kireseria. After two years of intense learning, Gatatēla had managed to impress her higher ups and earned the right to become a sister.

Confirmation Ritual

While assisting the kireseria with her duties in 1562, Gatatēla was told to prepare for an important upcoming Confirmation of Purpose ritual. Eventually she spotted the elite bodyguards of the monarch and only then did she realise the importance of the event. Sofia, the Crown Princess of Pallernen, was about to go through her right of admission. Anxious of the big event, Gatatēla walked along the lake and rested.

Unexpected Changes

Gatatēla hadn’t been the only one talking a walk next to the lake that morning. The heir to the imperial throne, nervous and in thought, sat there on a rock in contemplation. Gatatēla didn’t recognise her at first and approached her. When she got close enough to see the girl’s eyes, she knew who she’d stumbled across. Hesitant to approach the emperor’s daughter, Gatatēla considered continuing her walk instead, but Sofia had gathered the courage to greet her first.    
Orange Pumpkin by Jessica Lewis


After the initial awkwardness was resolved and the two girls had introduced each other, the two of them got along very well and their conversation kept flowing from topic to topic. Eventually, the two noticed that the sun was setting. Panicked that both of them missed out on their obligations, they rushed back to town.   The guards in Setaik had been searching for them and when they saw the girls, they escorted both of them back to the emperor. Hânsil II, despite having a reputation for being a tyrant, was happy to see his daughter safe and upon learning of what had kept her busy, he showed generosity towards Gatatēla.
It’s hard to make friends when you’re responsible for the lives of so many. People always have differing opinions and one wrong decision, even if it’s for the greater good, could break apart the strongest of bonds. I’d like the two of you to prove to me that you are unbreakable. The future monarch of this land will need a reliable companion.
— Hânsil II, Emperor of Pallernen

The Emperor's Offer

Delighted to see his daughter happy after she had felt alone and terrified for her future, Hânsil met with Gatatēla in private during the last day of their visit to Setaik. The monarch offered the young sister a position in a kiretia that was located next to the grand palace in Aurkustel, the capital of the empire. He explained that he wanted her to be always there for his daughter and to help her rule when he will have passed away.   Gatatēla was both excited, but also terrified, about the burden that was being placed on her shoulders. She asked if that wasn’t the responsibility of whoever the crown princess’ betrothed was, to which the emperor said that all the nobles and their sons wanted the throne to themselves. Gatatēla accepted the offer and her kireseria agreed to transfer her over to the kiretia in the capital.  

Friends to Lovers

Less than half a year into their relationship, Gatatēla had begun to feel strange whenever Sofia was around. Every time they would meet, she would feel giddiness and nervous excitement. Her smile would be enough to make Gatatēla laugh and feel euphoric, and she felt as if she would do anything to make her happy. Not a day nor night went by without her thinking of Sofia, and as these feelings continued, she felt suffocated by the weight of her emotions as they wanted to be revealed.    

Admission of Love

Eventually keeping her feelings in had become too burdensome and so on the 27th of Tlealēlcpēh, Gatatēla told the love of her life how she felt. Relieved, Sofia told that she had felt the same and the two of them sat lovingly on a balcony overlooking the sea until the sun had set.   While same-sex relationships weren’t anything to fear, the two kept their love a secret nonetheless. Sofia feared that openly being in a relationship with Gatatēla would put her in danger from those who would seek to hurt the monarchy.

Current Situation

After the death of Emperor Hânsil II Pentiwichen, the young and inexperienced Sofia ascended to the throne of the most powerful nation on Riel. The new monarch took care of her lover and handed her a position on the imperial council, where Gatatēla can advise her on matters of morality and faith.   Because of the strong bond and love between the two, Empress Sofia has kept delaying marriage and rejected every suitor so far. The longer she has kept putting it off, the more rumours have spread about her relationship with the religious advisor on her council.
Year of Birth
1547 AA 20 Years old
Dark brown
Jet black, shoulder length
1.64 m
61.6 kg
Known Languages
Aiterean, Pallernic
Hillenēq Hūril
Organization | Jul 8, 2023

Hillenism is the largest branch of the Aprēan religion. Followers of the faith believe in the teachings of Hillen, the hero whose sacrifice saved the world from the Invasion.

Lake Clēqhuap
Geographic Location | Jul 7, 2023

Lake Clēqhuap is the holiest place for Aprēans as it was the location that their god, Aprēa, died and then ascended to divinity.

Empire of Pallernen
Organization | May 24, 2021

The Empire of Pallernen is a feudal monarchy in southern Lethea that has for centuries been the most influential and powerful human nation on the continent.

House of Pentiwichen
Organization | Apr 14, 2021

The House of Pentiwichen is the noble dynasty in charge of one of Lethea's most powerful countries, the Empire of Pallernen, and their pupper state, the Grand Duchy of Jgrim.

Character Portrait image: Potatoes by Marco Antonio Victorino


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