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It is a lime green berry with small spikes that are syrup brown. It grows on a plant called: Marimar. The berry grows from the flowers of the marimar. The petals of the flower have an interesting pattern with it interchanging between the green and brown colours of the berry it becomes. This berry is only edible when harvested right as the spikes on it are completely brown. Pick them when the spikes are green and the berry is brown and it will poison the creature consuming it with an after affect that only comes into affect 5 hours afterwards.   The effects when it is harvested correctly: When you are eating it, there is a weirdly soursweet taste to it and it forms to a bitter aftertaste as it hits your throat. The fruit doesn't seem like it fills you much kinda like if you are eating a larger version of a strawberry it doesn't really fill especially for something of its size. Though when it is fully consumed by a single creature, it immidiately gives the feeling of a nicely filled stomach. It isn't a nauseating feeling it is just comfortable and it will be that way for the rest of the day. So it is best to eat this in the morning to benefit from this the entire day.   The effects when it isn't harvested correctly: When you are eating it, there is an immidiate bitter taste to it, with a soursweet taste after it hits your throat.

Basic Information


The plant looks like it is a wild animal in that has lived its life in back ally streets. Very erratic and all over the place.
Conservation Status
The means of protecting itself is in it's inate thorny stem which pertains a potent poison which is inhabitated in the berries as well that it produces.

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