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The Sibaq Alshafaq

Every three years, in Al'soukarh, people reunite at nightfall in the port. There, the departure of the city's most infamous horse race is about to take place.


Horse racing was a sport of the rich. Riding and owning a horse was always highly expensive as they are not numerous in Nahamira, but horse racing was even more of a sign of wealth: If you were good at it, it meant you had time and money to throw away into something as useless as a fast horse that ran a mile, won, and then feel dead of exhaustion. Thus, (and sadly, no one can point when) the need for the Sibaq Alshafaq was born. A horse race that valued usefulness, and horsemanship as a skill, rather that a flung of money.   There are two noticable winners of the Twilight Race: When Al'Qawiun was a prince, an unnamed woman won the race and thus proved that women had their place in the riding and training world. The second prominent winner is Abel, winning the race with a three year old mare, two years before the events of the Trophy Contest happened.


The race begins as the sun reaches a certain point in the sky. This race will happen between a set time of the evening and nightfall, which is why it's name means the twilight race. The riders, hundreds of them will gather out of the port of the city and, once the sun reaches the given place in the sky, will launch forward ans race each other along the Naem sea until the sun is gone.
This race values endurance alongside speed, there is no finish line. Some riders will abandon, some horses will fall short of stamina, some horses will be endurant, but won't be the head of the race when night falls. The 10 horse who are at the top of the race when the sun dissapears win grandiose prices.

Components and tools

To enter the participants list, you need to be the owner and/or the (recorded) trainer of the horse, meaning you can't pay a good rider to ride your horse for you, nor can you lease a good horse. You also need to be older than 16. Then, all one needs is a well trained horse, and whatever riding equipment you see fit to use, as well as a good dose of trust in your animal.


The royal jewel (youngest royal children)is the one to give the start of the race, and scribes are seated in points alongside the course in order to take note of the order during the race.
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