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A simple thought floats like a piece of wood that is cast out into an endless ocean of possibility and experience. Waves of grand design and wonder often overshadow smaller waves that do not boast within themselves as they gently flow along their own path amidst a sea of chaos and order. Currents move gently like ripples in a pond that are scarcely ever noticed, yet their influence can stretch across a myriad of worlds and ideas despite being small in every way. There are so many things that are more than the sum of their parts, yet what of those ideas that simply are what they are? Some waves descend into their own complexity like an iceberg hiding from the light of a dying star. Other waves float like ice cubes in a cool drink that melts away until only the water that birthed them remains. Perhaps this is what you have stumbled across, dear reader. A simple idea and nothing more. May you find what you're looking for fellow explorer as you venture into this most simple of waves. Gentle ripples of thought and emotion courses through your heart whispering its name to you. That name is Leicht   The Eternus Is...