Legends of Thrinar

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A world built on duality, Thrinar was once a tiny universe on the outskirts of our multiversal system. Though it was destroyed in the Great Calamity, it's unique magic and math lives on in its two surviving residents.
These two survivors, cast out on the shockwaves of their home's destruction, must play to their strengths in order to find one another and to save the multiverse from the encroaching darkness that destroyed their world.

Legends of Thrinar is a video game that will allow players to choose between two different play styles to complete the game. One character, the Legend of Callon, plays as a resource accumulation and building game - like a cross between settlements in Fallout 4, Minecraft, and Farmville. The other character, the Legend of Canid, plays in a more adventure style - a cross between Zelda and some superhero stories. The storyline can be completed by playing solely as the Survivor of Callon, solely as the Survivor of Canid, or as a mixture of the two.

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