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Anton Henrus

The halfling north never had a greater hero. The only halfling who faced off against an Eternal, and its puppet. The only thing he didn't do, was stop the halfling north from going to war against itself. Still, he lives forever in their history books as the greatest halfling hero.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Anton never thought he'd live a life of adventure. Then again, neither do most adventurers. He was pulled into that life when the leader of his people showed signs of Eternals' corruption. He tried to kill Anton. Instead of facing the threat, he ran. Only once he was forced to fight did he use the one spell he knew to pull the Eternal out of the man's soul. Once he returned, he found the Halfling north had descended into war. He was forced to fight the war, with the hopes that the Halfling North would survive the conflict. After the halfling north had been turned from several city-states into three small nations, he devoted himself to making sure the same doesn't happen again.

Gender Identity

He knows the form he was made in, and does not intend to change it.


He had one love. Her name was Lena Rosedew. She was everything to him, and she supported him in every way she could.


He is a well-educated halfling. He knew enough to get a job in the political scene. He knew something that very few halflings do. He knew how to use magic. One spell, that one spell saved his life numerous times.


His first job was in the Halfling North political scene. He climbed the ranks, and soon found himself as the primary ambassador for his city-state, the Aes-vri. Once after he was forced to run from his home, he found himself in the adventuring lifestyle. He stayed in that lifestyle until his end.

Accomplishments & Achievements

He became his community's primary ambassador, at a younger age than most. He pulled an Eternal out of his leader's soul.

Failures & Embarrassments

In running from a threat, he allowed his home to fall into war.

Mental Trauma

"If only I hadn't run. If I faced him like a man, my home would still be a peaceful one. If I had faced him on the first day, I may have failed. Then it would have been worse. Still, I feel such a coward for running from my problem."

Personality Characteristics


He wants to make sure that his home doesn't fall into war again. The thought that the previous one was his fault burns him to his core. Never again.

Virtues & Personality perks

Violence exists only as a last resort. If he is forced to draw the blade, he will do his damndest not to mortally wound his foe.


Religious Views

He does not believe in the common religion. Anton does not think it possible for a single being to make everything he sees and is. Instead, he believes that a counsel of beings made everything.
Current Status
Date of Birth
21st day of the 11th month, 499 P.A.
Date of Death
6th day of the 12th month 563 P.A.
499 P.A. 563 P.A. 64 years old
light blue
dark blonde, shaggy
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
light peach
80 lbs.
He does not believe in a single god, but rather believes several beings are responsible for his existence.


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