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Zidsan Crystals

Zidsan Crystals is a crystal that houses massive amounts of energy. Found in barren zones on planets this crystal is able to unleash powerful Zidsan energy that can be harnessed by special devices to create different forms of energy. This energy can also cause unique effects on plants and animals.  
Zidsan crystals or just the crystalized blood of a world. All that life distilled into an easeily minable ore that has become the back bone of all technology be it AGO or Commonwealth. The only diffrence is their understand of that truth and how to work around it. The AGO mine it for profit. Doing all they can to make a quick buck off the many worlds they will leave dying if they keep carving into these open wounds.   The Commonwealth at least understand these crystals are tied to the life of their world. They figured out ways to reimbue these crystals with power by using life to fuel it. Because of this they don't mine whole worlds. No they Mine the biggest they can find and then build a litteral ecosystem around it. Creating a battery that will never run out as it's still connected to the flow of life. - A seeker of truth


Material Characteristics

In its a hard but smooth crystal that can begin to glow when touched. It's warm to the touch as the glow increases the longer you hold on to it.

Physical & Chemical Properties

It can be warm to the touch when it is glowing brightly. Brighter it glows the hotter it gets. When it's dimm or not glowing at all it can feel rather cold.


The Gene Spicer Stablizer uses a dust variant of the crystal. This is used to empower the cells with e zidsan energy that can aid in stopping the rejection of unknown cells as it forces mutations that make the cells similar to eachother in ways. Creating a perfect hyberdization of diffrent genetic profiles.

Geology & Geography

The crystal is found in regions that use to be fertile with life, but has mysteriously lost it's fertility.

Origin & Source

The crystal comes from the earth below and seems to begin to form over time.
It comes in different colors which denotes a kind of elemental attunment.
Common State
As crystals.


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