A Heart of Stone, Part 2

Written by RealmsDM

General Summary

21 Marpenoth (1st Day, Worship and Rest), The Year of Twelve Warnings (1494 DR)   Town of Saltmarsh, The Sword Coast    
Around highsun, Timmorn and Garrick arrived at the Snapping Line to find a large crowd gathered at the tavern's entrance.   Garrick led Timmorn through a side entrance. Inside they found Holly in a heated exchange with Gellan Primewater who was quite busy trying to run a newly arrived patron out of the tavern and even out of town. Holly was relieved to see Garrick arrive.   Timmorn noticed Sethra nearby. He also notice everyone staring at the patron who sat at a table near the entrance. A small mob of gawkers were pushing and shoving to get a glimpse of the patron while Gellan and three of the town's guards stood next to the patron's table.   The patron everyone was busy staring at was humanoid and was covered in light brown fur from head to...hoof. It had long curving horns on its head and a gold hoop earring in one ear. It was muscular and wore a simple shirt and patched-up breeches. A large brown neckerchief or sweat rag, as sailors referred to it, was wrapped around its neck. Timmorn knew if the patron stood, he would easily tower over seven feet!   Gellan seemed to be losing his patience and was about to order the guards to arrest the patron when Garrick stepped up to him.   "Mr. Primewater," Garrick said. "I know you may not approve of this patron's presence but he is nevertheless a guest in our establishment. Holly said he's paid in full for an entire ride's stay."   "But...but," Gellan stammered. "It's a monster!"   "I believe it's a minotaur, sir," one of the guards standing nearby blurted. "Me cousin from Leilon met one once."   "Watch who you call a monster!" Sethra said. She forced her way and sat next to the minotaur who looked surprised. "He's my husband!"   To emphasize her point, the tiefling planted a kiss on the minotaur's face making him blush. She hugged the minotaur's burly arm. "Where have you been, big guy? I missed you in bed today."   Gellan looked at the guard and back to the minotaur who took a bite from a loaf of freshly-baked bread in front of him. "Husband? A minotaur is a monster! If we welcome one monster into our beloved town, more will certainly descend upon us and bring the place to ruin. Property value will plummet!"   Garrick tried to remain calm. "Mr. Primewater, he is a guest and can remain here. He's harmed no one. Holly said he just wants a room with a comfortable bed and home-cooked meals. He said he's a sailor and had just arrived on a ship not long ago."   "Well then," Gellan said. "Let him graze outside of town and eat as much grass as his kind eats."   Garrick felt like striking the foppish arrogant man but steeled himself. Striking the wealthiest and most powerful man in town would do nothing to diffuse the situation and would certainly land him in the town's jail.   "No need to be insulting, Mr. Primewater," Garrick said carefully. "You have my word he'll be no trouble to anyone in town."   This seemed to satisfy Gellan, even if Garrick thought, for the moment.   "Fine," Gellan said. "But if he so much as gore anyone with those bloody horns of his, I will have him arrested!"   Garrick nodded.   It took some time to convince the crowd to leave, but they finally did along with Galen Primewater and the guards.    
After talking for a while and enjoying a bottle of Claw Wine, everyone but Dios decided to meet up at dusk to try and capture or slay the giant octopus, One-eyed Sally. Dios said he was tired from working on a ship for two months and just wanted to sleep. He offered to help the others in the future if they needed his help.   At dusk, under a rainy sky, Garrick, Sethra, and Timmorn made their way to the dock where the giant octopus was said to come out of the water and lay in a large wooden vat for up to an hour.   After waiting for a few hours, One-eyed Sally appeared. She slinked her way slowly to the vat now half-filled with rainwater.   The three were trying to figure out how to extract the needed octopus ink when a stray dog appeared in the area. Everyone suddenly noticed the giant octopus's interest in the dog. Not wanting the dog to be attacked by One-eyed Sally, the three attacked the giant octopus. The dog ran off back towards town.   Coordinating their attacks, the three slew One-eyed Sally without anyone getting hurt.   They then spent the next hour harvesting the giant octopus for its ink sac, along with pieces of meat they could take back to the Snapping Line.   Back in the tavern, everyone was surprised to see the three enter with large pieces of tentacles and a pot filled with an ink sac. After being told they had killed One-eyed Sally, the tavern's patron all cheered. For indeed, the giant octopus had become a nuisance and a danger to the town of Saltmarsh.   Slate congratulated the three on getting the ink sac. He said there was plenty enough ink to easily make three or four potions of water breathing.   The group agreed to meet early in the morning at Slate's fishing boat. From there he would take him to the site of the sunken pirate ship, Syluné, to retrieve the lost treasure which would help take care of Slate's family after he was gone.

Rewards Granted

383 XP

Missions/Quests Completed

Despite hoping to subdue One-eyed Sally, the giant octopus, the party ended up slaying her instead. They were then able to harvest her ink sac along with other parts to take back to the Snapping Line.   Slate spent the night making four vials worth of potion of water breathing.


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