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Sometimes things need to be stolen. Sometimes there’s only one way to redistribute the wealth. But to whom? Rob the rich and give to the poor? Rob everyone and keep it? You might work for a government agency or a private covert organisation, or you might be a solo operator, motivated by greed, the thrill of the take, or some other goal. Maybe you’re a thief because you always have been, or because someone has dirt on you and forces your hand.  

Thief Talent

Requirement: Dexterity 2 or higher, the Dexterity (Stealth), and the Dexterity (Legerdemain) focus.  

You are adept at stealing things and not getting caught.


Novice: The first thing a skilled thief perfects is the ability to fade from sight. You add +1 to all tests made with the Dexterity (Stealth) focus or the Dexterity (Legerdemain) focus. Choose which focus receives this benefit when you attain this degree.
Journeyman: If you’re making a Dexterity-based test to hide or steal an object, can may re-roll the test if you choose, but you must keep the result of the second roll. You have become an expert in avoiding the eye of suspicion. You may perform the It Wasn’t Me stunt for 2 SP rather than the usual 4.
Master: Add another +1 to tests using either Dexterity (Stealth) or Dexterity (Legerdemain), selecting the focus when you attain this degree.

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