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Monday June 11, 2053 3:00 A.M

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Los Angeles, 2053. The government is merely an illusion kept to keep citizens feeling secure. In actuality however, Megacorporations have all power, controlling what people see, do, and consume. This is the age of Augmentation, upgrading the body with mechanical enhancements. Despite the new-age advancements in medicine and cybernetics, the world has crumbled. Inflation has skyrocketed, leaving the pre-middle class in gutters on the street. The police do more harm than good and are in deep with all the gangs. Harvesters kidnap and slaughter people to harvest their cyberwear, selling it on the black market or installing it in themselves. The Silk Road is a group of malicious human traffickers that smuggle people for use as slaves, often sold to the highest bidder. The Bososoku are a Japanese biker gang that are more petty than dangerous since they mainly terrorize dive bars and steal bike parts. Don’t let that fool you however, they are merciless and feel no remorse. They mainly fight on the freeways by driving up next to rival gangs and battle with Katanas while moving at 100+ mph.   The most incredible, yet controversial invention was that of the Husk. Developed by the Shadowy Corporation known as Lazarus, a Husk is a test tube grown human. Created with the sole purpose of immortality. When a person dies, their consciousness can be uploaded to a fresh Husk letting them live for decades more. However, only the wealthy can choose their husk as it costs more than the average family could make in 10+ years for a single purchase. The common citizens however, get the lower-end Husks or even the used Husks. If a person dies in a Husk and cannot pay for a new one, they die for good. That Husk can sometimes be repaired however, thus in the sale of second hand Husks. Lazarus also develops special Husks exclusively for the Military. However, one could get a hold of one of these Husks if they knew where to look…   A civil war is brewing as well. The Puritans: Those who believe the body should be un-altered and mortal. And The Neo-Mortals: Those who wish to push tech to the limit and live forever. Riots in the street against these rival groups are rampant and can begin at any time.   Life in Los Angeles is cold, dark, and rainy. But the glare of the neon and the hum of electricity keep everyone awake.

Your New Home

Los Angeles 2053
The City of Dreams. Los Angeles will promise you wealth, fame, and power. All you have to do is find the means to acquire it. Crime? Politics? Talent? All ways to claim your fortune. But be warned, one mistake and it could all come crashing down. Best of luck to you in the greatest city on Earth.